Shame on you Target!

I love Target just as much as the next person. In fact, I was devastated to have found out that there was no Target in the small town I moved to (the closest one being two hours away). Thank goodness for right?? WRONG! While browsing their swimsuit collection yesterday, I came across the worst … Continue reading Shame on you Target!


Biggest Loser: Either the Loser is Too Big, or the Weight Loss Is

There has been quite the media back lash over the Biggest Loser Season 15 winner and her transformation. Many are calling the Biggest Loser "irresponsible" and claiming evidence of an eating disorder based her lack of muscle and extreme weight loss. ¬†Frederickson began her time at the ranch weighing 260 pounds and shed 60% of … Continue reading Biggest Loser: Either the Loser is Too Big, or the Weight Loss Is

Why the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax Proves We Suck

In case you haven't heard, "thigh gap" of 2013 is out and "bikini bridge" of 2014 is in!! I'm sure that most of you have heard about the "bikini bridge" craze circling social media for the past few days. However, in case you haven't, bikini bridge has been defined as when "bikini bottoms are suspended … Continue reading Why the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax Proves We Suck

Merry Fit-mas!

Merry Christmas all! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day with all of the loved ones in their lives! I had a phenomenal holiday with my fianc√© and family. Yesterday, for Christmas Eve, Mike and I opened gifts at our home in Quincy before making the drive to St. Louis to spend the … Continue reading Merry Fit-mas!