Why the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax Proves We Suck

In case you haven't heard, "thigh gap" of 2013 is out and "bikini bridge" of 2014 is in!! I'm sure that most of you have heard about the "bikini bridge" craze circling social media for the past few days. However, in case you haven't, bikini bridge has been defined as when "bikini bottoms are suspended … Continue reading Why the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax Proves We Suck


December Birchbox Review

My December Birchbox arrived!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wasn't feeling so hot this morning but I literally jumped off the couch when Mike brought it in! I've been watching this company over the last few months grow into this fascinating beauty empire. I, personally, think that this is a brilliant concept and such a smart … Continue reading December Birchbox Review