Happy Galentine’s Day: Celebrate the Women in Your Life!!

For those of you who aren’t gigantic Parks and Recreation fans like myself, Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all your “lady friends”. galentines1

I personally think it is so important to celebrate you girl friends. After all, these are the people who have been there for you through EVERYTHING. Every period, night out, first date prep, break up, followed by emotional break down, job interview, rant session, break out, bad hair day, etc. We NEED ladies in our lives to understand the things that our significant others can’t and never will. We need that judgement-free zone that only our best gal pals can provide.  Nourishing that relationship is the most cathartic feeling in the world. galentinesday

So get together with your gal pals and celebrate lady friendship! Don’t know where to start? How about here (all of these should be paired with liquor of some type):

  1. Host or attend a potluck dinner. Three words: fun, cheap, yummy. Whip out that Pinterest board of all the goodies you’ve been “planning” to make and get cookin! Show off those cooking skills and feast upon some amazing nom noms in that judgement-free zone. potluck
  2. Slumber party? Yes please! I’ve been dying to have a slumber party with my BFFs! Rent some movies, make some popcorn, braid each others hair, apply a face mask, whiten your teeth, get a makeover, do your nails…what could be more fun than a pamper sesh with your favorites? Obviously make it an adult sleepover with copious amounts of wine. One rule: NO CELL PHONES. Back in the day, we didn’t have cell phones at sleepovers, let’s pretend we don’t now and really enjoy the company of those who are present.pillowfight
  3. Spa Day! If y’all have extra money lying around,this does not apply to me, go to your favorite local spa and get manis, pedis, schedule some couples massages (just for the fun of it) and go to town on your wallets together!spa
  4. Reality TV Marathon. Get together and spend an entire night watching your favorite guilty pleasure! Again, this is something that the men in your life will never understand. So take the opportunity to care way too much about what’s going on in other people’s lives together! Of course, this should be coupled with lots of gossip and fashion judging. Take is a step further, and make actual judge cards and flash them every time there is a new outfit. Bravo_logo_20110815164454-275x202
  5. Get dressed to the 9’s and go out for a night on the town. Every lady deserves to get dressed in her favorite trendy outfit, make her face up, tease the crap out of her hair and go out with the girls in her life who will actually appreciate it. Men can’t truly appreciate all the work we put into getting ready nor the time we put into creating a outfit. As long as our behinds look phenomenal and we have some cleavage…they really don’t care about the rest. Your girlfriends on the other hand, GET. IT. They will actually compliment you on the bold move you made to pair at fur vest with a jean jacket and the way that you nailed your smoky eye. So get dressed up for your besties! Ladies-Night

Easy, cheesy, simple ideas for celebrating your lady loves! I promise, you will enjoy every moment together. Who doesn’t need an excuse to have a girl’s night anyway?

How do you plan to celebrate your Galentine’s Day?


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