Biggest Loser: Either the Loser is Too Big, or the Weight Loss Is


Rachel Frederickson’s Before and After

There has been quite the media back lash over the Biggest Loser Season 15 winner and her transformation. Many are calling the Biggest Loser “irresponsible” and claiming evidence of an eating disorder based her lack of muscle and extreme weight loss.  Frederickson began her time at the ranch weighing 260 pounds and shed 60% of her body weight during the show ending her weight loss journey at 105 lbs. Rachel is 5’4″ which puts her body mass index (BMI) at 18 which is below what is considered a healthy minimum. I think the reaction below by Bob and Jillian pretty much sums up what everyone else’s face did when Rachel walked on stage.BL15Finale-300x265 - Copy

While nobody can deny that the number on the scale is probably the most shocking we have seen on Biggest Loser with no other contestant seeing 105 lbs at the season finale, there have been others who have lost even more weight than Rachel throughout their time on the show. This show’s foundation is built of dramatic weight loss and rewards the winner with $250k. Who wouldn’t try to drop as much weight as possible to win a quarter of a million dollars? This was the show’s 15th season, so this is nothing new. The contestants are on the ranch for 16 weeks and then they go home for 6 weeks before coming back for the finale. Rachel’s last weigh in on the ranch had her at 150 lbs so she lost 45 lbs in 6 weeks which averages out to about 7.5 lbs a week. This is less than most contestants lose each week while on the ranch.

nup-161935-2659-jpgI agree, 105 lbs is tiny and she could probably use to pack back on 5-10 lbs to look much healthier and have a BMI within a more average range. However, I don’t think that people should make her feel bad for the hard work she put into her weight loss. Clearly she learned from her coach and the nutritionists that were provided on the show so that she could continue to live the lifestyle that was taught to her. I don’t doubt that she went to out-of-ordinary lengths over the 6 weeks that she was home to ensure her weight loss did not plateau that probably included multiple workouts a day and no cheat meals. Surely, she did not go back to “normal” life over those 6 weeks. Again, who wouldn’t when a quarter of a million dollars is on the line.

As a whole, I’m not really a big fan of the Biggest Loser. The whole idea behind it is definitely extreme. I think that when people watch the show, they think that these are the numbers that the should see on the scale every week when they practice healthy eating and exercise. Little do some people know, these people work out 3-4 times A DAY while on the ranch and have chefs making their healthy food for them. Nothing about the show is normal…the diet, the workout regimen, the weight loss numbers, none of it. On the other hand, I do feel that this show does help some people become healthier and fit and teaches them things that they can practice in their real life. The knowledge of nutrition, healthy cooking, proper formation, and exercise routines is invaluable.

biggestloser2 - Copy

At the end of the day...haters gon’ hate. We should not be taking away from this girls journey to a happier, healthier self. She has said in interviews that she is now in maintenance mode and is looking forward to yoga and spin classes a few days a week. Therefore, I don’t think we need to be worrying about an eating disorder. What we should be focused on is body shaming and changing  body image for women and girls. We love to bully those who are overweight and hate on the girls who have the body we desire. Lets just promote health and fitness as a lifestyle for everyone!

My biggest advice to those who feel the need to hate on this woman, stop watching the show period, because its going to happen again and again and again. For me personally, I had to stop watching the show years ago cause I always craved a big bowl of ice cream while I watched. It’s strange, I know.

What are your thoughts on Rachel Frederickson’s weight loss?


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