Why the “Bikini Bridge” Hoax Proves We Suck

In case you haven’t heard, “thigh gap” of 2013 is out and “bikini bridge” of 2014 is in!!


I’m sure that most of you have heard about the “bikini bridge” craze circling social media for the past few days. However, in case you haven’t, bikini bridge has been defined as when “bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, cause a space between the bikini and lower abdomen.” Apparently this hashtag has been included in thousands of posts on Twitter and Instagram. There are even Tumblr and Twitter accounts dedicated to the fad.

This latest “trend” in thinspiration started out has a major hoax by 4chan’s random imageboard /b/.  Their goal was to create social media buzz by sharing the following images and declaring the bikini bridge “the next big thing”:bikinibridge4 bikinibridge5 bikinibridge3


The next step was to circulate propaganda calling the bikini bridge an “unhealthy obsession” throughout parts of the Internet known to be biased on the subject of weight (i.e. thin privilege, fat shaming, etc). All of this just to stir up some controversy and create a fairly large talking point out of thin air. If you ask me, they have completed their goals. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now.

Sure, this group of people proved a point. They can manipulate social media like play-doh in their hands. What’s really unfortunate though is that they’ve created a trend, and for naive teenagers who don’t see it as a hoax, this becomes a goal. Much like Chive made thigh gaps a popular body image/goal for girls and women, these people just created the same thing. This is why we suck, we create problems just for the hell of it. We create unrealistic expectations and goals for women who already have a skewed perception of what their bodies should look like Between the air brushing and the trends, how on earth are we expected to have a healthy body image in our heads?!


As a person who grew up from a very young age with very unhealthy ideas of what I wanted my body to look like, I have very mixed feelings on this whole bikini bridge hoax. On the one hand, I find it a little funny that they made a parody out of how superficial we can be. On the other, I’m a little outraged that they even put it out there in the first place.  I know that pictures of “bikini bridges” have been swirling for years, but this really raised the profile of this image. My biggest fear is that we are setting up children and teenagers to think that this is normal and that these are how their bodies should look.

The truth is, no two bodies are exactly the same and that’s the beauty of being an individual! We have to stop comparing ourselves so strictly to other people. Embrace being unique, healthy, and beautiful! Do not base your self worth and your beauty on whether or not you have a thigh gap, bikini bridge, big boobs, flat abs, skinny arms, or whatever else is trending out there. Don’t be superficial enough to sacrifice your happiness and feelings of self worth in attaining any one of these physical attributes. The ONLY reason we aspire to attain these things is because someone else told us we to.

Instead, lets focus on ourselves and spending our energy on reaching our own potentials, whatever they may be. Set goals that will make you comfortable in your own skin but that you don’t have to kill yourself to attain. Find your passion for healthy foods, working out and living a lifestyle you can be proud of. This will make you a million types happier than constantly comparing yourself to others.

Okay, end rant.



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