December Birchbox Review

20131228-181524.jpgMy December Birchbox arrived!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning but I literally jumped off the couch when Mike brought it in! I’ve been watching this company over the last few months grow into this fascinating beauty empire. I, personally, think that this is a brilliant concept and such a smart business model. I finally broke down and signed myself up for the subscription so that I could see what quality of products are supplied and the size of the samples. Needless to say, color me impressed (which I imagine as being the color yellow). 20131228-181543.jpg

My Birchbox included:20131228-181555.jpg

  • Camille Beckman’s Glycerine Hand Therapy in Morelia Monarch Scent: The size of this sample was rather small but a tiny amount of product goes a long way. My hands feel silky smooth and the scent isn’t an overwhelming perfume but rather a very subtle clean smell. Even as I type this I keep pausing to rub my hands together because they are so silky, I love it!
    • Full size price for this item is $14 for 6 oz.A+
  • Mally Beauty’s Lip Magnifier in Tulip: This item is a creamy lip crayon that provides a nice balance of neutral color and glossy finish. The size of this item is, what I would consider, full size. This will be perfect for every day wear at the office, out and about, or even for just hanging around at home. I like that it feels like a chap stick but looks a bit like a lip gloss.
    • Full size price for this item is $20. A++


  • Nelson j Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo: Boy did this product complex me at first. I used it on my hair today in the shower and I didn’t read the description completely so when it didn’t foam up like normal shampoo, I almost thought I had misread it and mistook it for conditioner. It has a white milky color to it with these blue beads, almost like an exfoliant. I used probably twice the amount that I usually use in my hair because it didn’t lather. However, I did like how soft my hair felt after use and I like that it doesn’t have harsh ingredients (like sulfate) that strip your hair of its natural oils. I currently use a sulfate free shampoo and I just can’t go back. 
  • Full size price is $22 for 8 oz. (Which I consider to be really pricey considering how much I had to use to coat my scalp) D
  • Skin&Co Roma’s Truffle Therapy Serum Boosting Anti-Aging Serum: Another product I really liked! I applied this to my face before my make up and it was really smooth without leaving an oily finish. Most serums I have tried have either left a bit of an oil finish or have dried my skin out to the point where moving my face muscles felt strange. I’m convinced I’ve just had bad luck because this is awesome. It has a bit of a cocoa butter scent which I am a huge fan of and a little goes a long way!
    • Full size price is $75 1 fl oz. B
  • Greenleaf Candle Co’s Starlight Votive Candle: This was probably the least exciting item in the box but that’s mainly cause I’m not a huge candle fan in the first place. I usually only get candles as gifts and I don’t think I’ve ever purchased one on my own haha! However, the fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming so that’s not bad!
    • Full size price is $17. B

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my Birchbox and I can’t wait for the arrival of the January box! Do any of you subscribe to Birchbox?? If so, how long have you been a member and were you happy with this month’s box compared to others? Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear other’s experiences with the Birchbox!


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