Wedding Colors

I really didn’t think my first “real” post would be about my wedding but here we are…. Thanks to Pantone, I will be officially changing my wedding colors. Pantone recently named “Radiant Orchid” as the Color of the Year 2014. Which of course has already taken off as the predicted wedding color of the year as well.


While I admittedly have never been the girl to dream and imagine details of my wedding day, I was immediately drawn to purple and grey when beginning the process of wedding planning. I have told almost everyone (who has asked of course) that my colors will be grey and a purple/plum color.

Now before I make it sound like Pantone ruined my wedding by making this color trendy (because that’s absurd), let me rewind a little. My fiance, Mike, had recently voiced his opinion on the purple color idea. Let’s just say he isn’t sold on the color and would much rather have turquoise instead. I was totally shocked. He hasn’t had many opinions on the wedding so far and I really didn’t think he cared about the color of all things. So I started trying to see how I could incorporate that color into the palette that I had already chosen and pretty much everything I had seen was reminiscent of Mardi Gras or New Orleans. Then, Pantone came along with their color of the year and changed the game.

Now that I am typing this out, I guess I really should be thanking them instead of blaming them. This totally helped me make a decision to go with Mike’s gut on the colors and forget about purple all together. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but I really don’t want to be just another wedding in a sea of purple weddings in 2014. I’m not one of those who deliberately changes my style, or really anything for that matter, just because it’s trendy and I’m trying to be “different” but in this case I think it’s ok to not want to go along with the trend.

Now I just have to find a good place to find my bridesmaids some dresses that they will look fab in! (Inexpensively of course) — I just have this really weird thing about people spending money on me/for me and this is one of those times. I want them to look great and have a good quality dress that they could potentially wear again, but I really don’t want them to have to break the bank to do so. It’s a fine line to walk my friends…like tight rope fine.

On a semi-related note, I have begun “sweating for the wedding” with Focus T25 and I am over half way through week one!! Woot woot! I am incredible sore already and had some difficulty sleeping last night but that means its working, right?! After I complete week one, I will post a nice review of what I think so far and maybe even muster up the courage to post some before pictures. So stay tuned!



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